Does your Booster Clubs or any Clubs have your Health Permit to sell Food?

Sounds strange right?


In Sacramento County if you sell food, any type of food ANYWHERE… you must have a health permit from Sacramento County.

I was wondering  how this could be so I contacted the DEPT.

It is true, anyone regardless if on school grounds or off school grounds are required to have this permit that runs anywhere from 263.00 to 1500.00 per year all depends on what your club is classified as.

Most schools think it is OK to sell food at football games and basketball games however the snackbar is not covered and it is breaking the law if you have not paid for your permit and have it hanging..

Giving away food verses SELLING food are two different things..

School Cafeterias are the only thing on a School Campus that can sell food..


I told them that my schools booster club runs the football and basketball snack bar during high school games and they said it did not matter MUST HAVE A HEALTH PERMIT …


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Friday is Here

What a week!

If you have had a week like we have had you will be glad it is

When you are helping and helping then you are rudely treated it really shocks your system!

Moving on the weather has been great and our football games have been AWESOME and we are helping SAN JUAN HIGH SCHOOL. not many supporters for the school however we continue to support the school, we have several alumni that play on our football team.

Hornets  on 4/11/2015 came to play the Cardinals. Wildcats played the South Bay Gold.wildcats

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Super Bowl who will it be?

What teams would you like to see in the Super Bowl this year? I want my Steelers in the Bowl!

I could careless who they play.

But first they have to win against the ravens this next game, as I sit here freezing in my house in Sunny it is 59 degrees in this house and when you turn on the heater it goes to emergency status within 15 mins and when you call the rental manager they say it is working just fine… URRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

OK back to FOOTBALL… I hope it will be a good game this year and two good matching teams that are worthy of it.


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Food Banks in Sacramento

Many of our community members need help with food for their families and there are several places that will help.

If you are in need of help during the month here are a few places that you can go to get help, also local churches in your area also have food pantries all you need most of the time is your ID and a phone bill or smud or PGE Bill with your name and  address on it. Always call first.

Soil Born Farms 916-486-9686 call to request a food basket

Elevation Holy Cross 916-364-8068

Carmichael Food Closet-916-486-9081

must call between the hours of 10-12 to request food basket and then you must pick it up between 2 to 330 PM

services zip codes : 95608,95610,95621,95660,95825,95841,95842,95843

I hope all of these numbers and places are still open. give them a call and get the help that you need.



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Do you Support your Student?

Read that again before you scream at the computer screen.

When I say support I mean do you come to their games (if you can) and participate in all of their functions (if you can)?

I understand we are all working parent’s BUT your child needs to see that you support  his or her hard effort at school and sports. It would not hurt you to take a early off or change a shift so you can see your child’s game would it?

I used to be a workaholic (still Am) however I have slowed down and have started to enjoy sports and watching my children play, so what if it may take  an extra 30 days to pay that credit card bill, my child was able to look into the stands and see me. I work hard at everything I do, however my children are only young once and there are only one time moments one each time, take time to  enjoy a one time moment with your child and let them know that they are important to you.

I have watched many of children look out into the stands to see no one there and have seen them put their heads down, it hurts my heart so much, it means so much for them to have mom or dad or a grandparent or sibling there to see them play, it is just time and one day you will look back and see your child is grown and gone and the time you could have had together is no longer there. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.


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Really…….. Hackers beware I am logging you…

A more detailed IP address report for is below. At the time you pulled this report, the time zone of is America/New_York.

The current local time of is 21.09.2014 15:25:10.

More IP details of are shown below along with a location of the address on a map.

IP Lookup Result for

IP Address:
Host of this IP:
Organization: ServerBeach
ISP: Peer 1 Network (USA)
City: Herndon
Country: United States
State: Virginia
Postal Code: 20171
Timezone: America/New_York
Local Time: 21.09.2014 15:25:10
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Missing Children

That is a scary header huh? A parent’s worst nightmare to be told that your child is missing.

Do you have all of the details to give to the police in the event that a loved one is kidnapped or goes missing?

Child is missing what is next?

Here is a list to put in a safe place so you are prepared:

We really never want to think about it happening to our child, however that would be like living in a glass house, teach your children how to protect themselves and also how to run and scream like a rabid dog at the sign of any danger or they feel they are in danger, I would rather my child run screaming bloody murder then to have him snatched up.

Cell phones have GPS on them make sure if your child has a cell phone that you have the GPS turned on and running at all times your child is not with you.

I check this website often to see  about missing children that I can help posting on social media since the MEDIA (true no matter what you want to say) does not give the same attention to missing children of color (any color other then white).

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Spartan Football 2014

I have to say the changes over the past year or so for the football program has been amazing! Anyone who loves the sport will agree with me.

Last year a new head coach came in named Charlie Ruiz and he was full of fire and worked the boys hard to try and change their mentality  and teach them that they are winners in every way.

He worked a study room out for them so they could get help with their homework and classes they were struggling with (Ms. Twilla  thank you!)

He made sure they were fed if they were hungry and he also makes things happen point in case,

The  Red, White  and Blue Scrimmage last night (8/28/2014) and it was such a joy to see our JV TEAM play against Folsom, Oakmont and Vacaville and this is in part to Coach Ruiz making things happen at the school for his football program.

I think we need to all embrace the changes that are happening here at San Juan High School and thank the coaches who are making the changes , the devotion and dedication that these coaches have shown have gone far beyond what they are paid each year to coach.




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Get Paid to WEAR Tshirts

get paid for wearing tshirts…!
Super easy just go to and enter referral name: Marie and referral code: 0424. It’s that easy. Enter all your info and shirts and invitation cards get sent to you

Let me know when you joined ! This is fun, we wear tshirts all of the time we might as well get paid for it!!!

Please make sure to read all of the rules

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Senior Sunrise 8/15/2014

Thinking about these young men and ladies and watching them grow is making me really proud of who they are becoming and knowing they will do fine once they graduate. I hope they have good memories of school  and I want them to have pictures to remember their years at school while I was there.

Reunions we will have to plan and make sure we all can show up to see how each person’s life is turning out and where their path has taken them.

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