This IS YUMMY {Yummy}

A friend that writes with me just posted this recipe and I have to say it looks really good. So lets give it a try and let us know how it turned out.


Submitted by Bettieey on April 16th, 2014 –
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.a cool text picture.


.2 packages of breakfast sausage links about (12 oz)
.9 eggs
.3 cups of milk.
.1 teaspoon of salt.
.1 teaspoon of pepper.
.1 package frozen shredded hashbrowns. about (30 oz) thawed
.2 cups of shredded 4-cheese blend about (8oz) bag.
.1/3 cup thinly sliced green onions.

1.arrange the sausages on an ungreased 15x10x1 baking dish.

2.bake them at 375 degrees for like 15-20 minutes, turning the links once or until the sausage is cooked through, lightly browned, drained. allow to cool slightly. slice the sausage into 1/4-inch coins. a large bowl, wisk the eggs, the milk, and your seasonings. add the sausage, the hash browns, the cheese, and the onions.

4.pour into a greased 13x9x2 in a baking dish.

5.bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 65-70 minutes until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean out clean. then let stand for about 10 minutes before serving.

then enjoy with your morning coffee.

You can view thew original posting here

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Needles Among Us {Needles}

As we were out walking this morning we ran across a used needle in front of  TOYS R US  and is no surprise or shock to be honest, the parking lot at the corner of greenback and birdcage st in Citrus Heights is a well known drug lot, this drug dealers do not care that they are selling their drugs in the parking lot of a children store

Used NeedleThey put the needle cap back on the needle so that makes us know they had some sort of common sense. But still we need to get this cleaned up from around here.

 Birdcage street

Birdcage street

We know there is not any neighborhood that is clear and free of drug users, it is part of society now and we do have to face the facts, as the economy get worse, we will see more needles and drug wrappings around all communities. Education for our young children and young adults will be needed  at a 50 % gain and we need to teach not lecture the youth.

How to discuss drugs with your children is a great site to get tips and helpful ways to discuss drugs with your family.

Being active in any type of sports also can keep our children off drugs, check out your local sports clubs, at this time Spartan Youth Football and Cheer Program are taking sign ups for their season. We also have a free football came that is being hosted by 3rsports coming up and it is FREE for all children from 6 to 14 years of age, regardless of where you live bring your child!

April 25th and April 26th 530 to 830 PM at San Juan High School’s Football Field.

3R Sports would like to invite all children between the ages of 6-14 to our 1st Annual Rising Stars Youth Football Camp Friday April 25th,and Saturday April 26th at San Juan High Schools McArthur Field. We are very excited about this years camp, and our camp structure will allow us to maximize your child’s time with our local college, high school, and youth coaches from the greater Sacramento area. It is an exciting time for Sacramento Football and our coaches are looking forward to giving back and teaching the proper fundamentals, and conduct on the field. We will be offering different age groups to ensure all kids are in a competitive group that fits their skill set. This is a “FREE” camp so nothing but the liability waiver, cleats, shorts, and your contact info is needed the day of the camp. There will be food, and some vendors there in addition to camp awards at the conclusion of the camp on Saturday night.

Please Note this camp is “FREE” and open to the entire Sacramento community.

free to all children 6 to 14 years of age

free to all children 6 to 14 years of age




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Did You See the Blood Moon {Blood Moon}

Did you go outside and see the (Blood Moon) last night? It was awesome and amazing to watch with your own 2 eyes, I took over 4800 Pictures of the event and some are good and some are not however that is how it is. I do not photoshop any of my photos, what you see is what you get and that is the way I DO it. Blood Moons are so rare and it was a life experience.

this was around 10 PM

this was around 10 PM

My picture are RAW and Unique since I do not rush home to dump and photoshop any that I take, like in life I enjoy the Natural Real Stuff. Many people always have a comment about my pictures or they refer others they know to take photos, that is fine, however I am always there taking pictures of the events and anything happening around town.

just getting started

just getting started

This was  something that I wished everyone could have seen , however my friends (some of them ) Could not see it due to clouds and bad weather. So I said I would share them.

cloud moving over the moon as the sun also begins the process

cloud moving over the moon as the sun also begins the process

I was eating popcorn and had my chairs out and Paulos and Xavier watched  with me. the police kept driving by wanting to know what I was doing. Silly, umm look up and you will see what I am doing.

Awesome blood moon

Awesome blood moon

I was just sitting in Staples parking lot taking pictures, so please enjoy the beauty of the event and know it is something to see and try to see the next lunar in

Total lunar eclipse: April 14-15
Total lunar eclipse: October 8

Total lunar eclipse: April 4
Total lunar eclipse: September 28

Blood moon is the name given to the moon.


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Senior Project Success!

I was invited to take part in Marisol’s Senior Project and I have to say it was well coordinated and very well laid out.

She raised funds for Cancer and will be donating the funds that were raised to a local charity. The League Owner and teams were so kind and so giving.

marisolseniorsoccerprject4132014-001 marisolseniorsoccerprject4132014-002 marisolseniorsoccerprject4132014-003 marisolseniorsoccerprject4132014-004

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Soccer Game for Cancer (Cancer)

Senior Project time

Senior Project time

It is Senior Project time and many projects will be based on outside activities. Cancer seems to always the theme, however I think this one will be very good since it is for the TOP 10 Common Cancers…

  • Lung cancer was the most common cancer worldwide contributing 13% of the total number of new cases diagnosed in 2012.
  • Breast cancer (women only) was the second most common cancer with nearly 1.7 million new cases in 2012.
  • Colorectal cancer was the third most common cancer with nearly 1.4 million new cases in 2012.


  • Lung cancer was the most common cancer worldwide in men contributing nearly 17% of the total number of new cases diagnosed in 2012.
  • The top three, lung, prostate and colorectal cancers, contributed nearly 42% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).
  • Other common cancers contributing more than 5% were stomach and liver.


  • Breast cancer was the most common cancer worldwide in women contributing more than 25% of the total number of new cases diagnosed in 2012.
  • The top three, breast, colorectal and lung cancers, contributed more than 43% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).
  • Cervical cancer also contributed nearly 8% of all cancers (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).

Find more facts here



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The Holy Spirit and Jesus needs to be paid also, did you know?

I have no problem with people and their religions, I do have a problem with people who misguide and mislead people who have strong faith. So does the HOLY SPIRIT AND JESUS tell you this also?

Do you at times stay up late and see these late night/early morning religious television broadcasts that come on? All I can say is they are making their money and taking yours in order to make it.

I was listening to this one show as I could not sleep and all of these people were standing up and saying  you told me I was gonna get this much and 4 months later I get a check in the mail for this much and then another person stood up and said the same thing just a different amount. Well one thing they failed to tell you is that you are requested to keep sending money to this place in order for a chance you might get a reward/blessing from the Holt Spirit or Jesus. Where does the money come from?

YES, I asked the question is this man can tell me how much I am going to get and in how many months until I am going to get this amount of money then when and who is sending it to me? How does he know it will be coming?

So, me being the skeptical person that I am and like to get to the nitty gritty of how things work, called the phone number and gave them my name and mailing address and told them I needed to be blessed for finances.

They said the HOLY WATER would be in the mail and that for me to follow the directions and my blessing would be answered.

So I waited and said OK we shall see, so my Letter arrives and there it is the HOLY WATER!  that is what HOLY WATER looks like WOWZA!

So then I read the letter and BAM there it is, in order for you to be blessed and have your prayers answered you will need to send us 20.00 to get started working on your blessing. (in tiny little print it says it feels good to give)

UMM if I had 20.00 I would not be in a bind would I and I sure enough would not be looking for ways to help my family through this rough time.

So I am like I knew it was to good to be true and it does make since that in order for them to help people they would need other people to donate money, however if your people of GOD and fear GOD then tell the truth.

I have given until I can not give any more and not one damn person in this town or anywhere else gives a shit that my family is about to be homeless, so please tell me what was my families reward to giving and helping everyone else? this does not apply to the two people who did help us and you both know who you are, this has nothing to do with you two.

Bitter I am not, since helping others is what I taught my children to do regardless, however it does make you see with both of your eyes the people who were only next to you to get what you had and played you for a fool. I understand I was played for a fool 10 times over and that is OK, I gave with my heart and my family gave with their heart also so we have blessed many. Cause those folks I was always there for and helping in a blink of an EYE are no where to be found in my families time of need.

I think I am more disappointed in the Human race more then anything else.

OK, back to this so called money man preacher man and his wife, who sends you letters and in each letter it says  in order to be blessed you must send money..LOL

I hope all of these people who are sending them their last few dollars really do get blessed. OK, so I have gotten 8 letters and each one has a pre written letter 3 or 6 pages long and each letter has some little thing in it, suck as stickers  or gold strings or like todays letter , a packet of gold dust that was not shut and so when you open the mail it fell all out. I understand people have strong faith and I am not trying to be cruel, however if you have money to send to this man and his wife, then you have money to make a difference in your life right there in front of you.

Oh in his first letter to me he told me I would get anywhere from 2,000 to 19,583.25 in the next few months, umm I am still waiting for that. however it also then said well you need to send money in order for that to happen…. So I guess I am not getting anything.

I thought there were laws against this? I am going to have to look into this, didn’t tammy faye and jim baker get into trouble for something like this?

Following a 16-month Federal grand jury probe, Bakker was indicted in 1988 on eight counts of mail fraud, 15 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy.[6][12] In 1989, after a five-week trial which began on August 28 in Charlotte, the jury found him guilty on all 24 counts, and Judge Robert Daniel Potter sentenced him to 45 years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine.[4]:52[13]

He served time in the Federal Medical Center, Rochester, in Rochester, Minnesota, sharing a cell with activist Lyndon LaRouche and skydiver Roger Nelson.[14]

In February 1991, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld Bakker’s conviction on the fraud and conspiracy charges, but voided Bakker’s 45-year sentence, as well as the $500,000 fine, and ordered that a new sentencing hearing be held. The court held that Potter’s statement at sentencing that Bakker’s actions resulted in “those of us who do have a religion” being lampooned as “saps from money-grubbing preachers or priests” was evidence that he had injected his own religious beliefs into considering Bakker’s sentence.[15]

Jim and Tammy Bakker were divorced on March 13, 1992. On November 16, 1992, a sentence reduction hearing was held and Bakker’s sentence was reduced to eight years.[4]:104

In August 1993, Bakker was transferred to a minimum security federal prison in Jesup, Georgia, and was subsequently granted parole in July 1994, after serving almost five years of his sentence.[4]:116, 130 Bakker’s son, Jay, spearheaded a letter-writing campaign to the parole board on his father’s behalf, urging leniency.[4]:106–115

His Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) number was 07407-058, and he was released from BOP custody on December 1, 1994.[16]

On July 23, 1996, a North Carolina jury threw out a class action suit brought on behalf of more than 160,000 onetime supporters who contributed as much as $7,000 each to Bakker’s coffers in the 1980s.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) still holds Bakker and Roe Messner, Tammy Faye’s husband from 1993 until her death in 2007, liable for personal income taxes owed from the 1980s when they were building the PTL empire, taxes assessed after the IRS revoked the PTL ministry’s nonprofit status. Tammy Faye Messner’s new husband said that the original tax amount was about $500,000, with penalties and interest accounting for the rest. Notices stating the IRS liens list still identify “James O. and Tamara F. Bakker” as owing $6,000,000, liens on which Jim Bakker still pays.

read more here

I would be scared to even try to ask for money saying the Holy Spirit told me to tell you to send money, hmm I guess it is to the point that people are in need and will try anything to help them take care of their families.

This is my view on things and I am entitled to think and have thoughts of my own, you do not have to agree with the way I feel or think, however do not ever think I am going to back down and just agree to keep you happy.




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Spring Break starts at 1230 TODAY!

Well, it is here SPRING BREAK so everyone head down to FLORIDA! Only joking. hehehe

Be safe and enjoy your time off from school and make sure to catch up on your rest, since you only have a few more months of school left.

Make sure if you Celebrate Easter you do it for the right reasons, not buying everything new that is MATERIAL AND MAN MADE and makes you so FAKE.

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The Bullying Event 4/8/2014 at SJHS (SJUSD)

It was a nice evening and informative (bullying) for our students and parents that came out to listen to this young man speak on his life and why he started his business and the things he created, he is a really talented young man and also has a great personality, I really enjoyed hanging out with him before the event.

School bullying refers to all types of bullying done on school property, whether it is peer-to-peer bullying, bullying of younger children by older children, or bullying in which a teacher is either a victim or a culprit.

Bullying comes in many forms and can be from many people even teachers, however we need to learn to stand up to all types of Bullying and School Admin and Districts need to stop saying TEACHERS DO NOT BULLY STUDENTS. It is on the rise and very much a real factor in the school system.

We all need sensitivity training, a regular job gives you that 2 hour course every 2 years and you can take a refresher course if you feel the need, so why not the School Districts and the teachers?

The dunce cap, standing in the corner, having one’ hand whacked with a ruler, having one’ poor grade announced to the class: all these methods that at one time were a common occurrence in educational settings might now fall under the category of bullying teachers. Bullying teachers can act by using degrading words and treatment, as well as physical punishments. Other school employees besides teachers can bully students, including coaches, custodians, security personnel, and the front office staff, even the principal.

The public display of a bullying victim’s inadequacy often has a different feel in the classroom in which most work is independent and grades can be returned privately versus in the gym, on the sports field, or in the shop setting, in which nearly all work is on display, making everyone aware of the victim’s situation. The teacher responding to a student while standing beside his or her desk can maintain some semblances of privacy; the coach or teacher responding to a student half a football field or gymnasium away will likely be heard by all. Thus, in some school settings, humiliation is more likely for a sensitive student, even when correction or constructive criticism is given, let alone when teacher bullying

occurs. It is unclear whether teacher bullying may actually set the stage for peer bullying.

Teacher bullying may go unreported for several reasons. The victim may not trust the system to support or believe him or her, especially if there are any instances in which the victim had infringed school behavior rules. The victim may also fear retribution by the teacher in the form of a lowered grade or more teacher bullying behavior. The victim may also fear retribution by students who are in good standing with the teacher.  When teachers bully an entire class, the feeling may be that they have the support of the school and that everyone must know and accept this behavior. Teachers may also bully other teachers and school staff.

We need to educate and not tolerate this and it has to be a full effort from all areas to make sure all are protected.

There is a very thin line in what can be considered BULLYING and just having fun.

first time in SJUSD

first time in SJUSD


Bullying Event

Yes! Nice meeting you also!

Yes! Nice meeting you also!

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Yesterdays Softball game for the JLEE FOUNDATION 4/6/2014

Yesterday was a day for family, friends and fun at Rusch Park and all for a good cause!

THE JLee Foundation and JLee #13 he is really a great person inside and out, always a smile on his face when we all know we would not be smiling if we were in his shoes, he has all taught us about inner strength.

Thank you JLee for showing us that no matter what we are faced with , we can still smile and laugh.

I had to leave around noon, was not feeling to good. However I know the rest of the day was wonderful. I will post a few pics that I took.

IMG_2560 IMG_2561



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Soccer 4/3/2014

We had a very interesting soccer game yesterday and we did lose to Vacaville  6-2, However our team played with heart and never gave up. I am also proud to say that our team did not make any attempt to get back at the other team for making fun of their team mate that was hurt, to stand out on the field and laugh at a hurt player is so wrong in so many ways, however to also hear the giggles on the other teams sidelines and remarks from the adults is also very disturbing in so many ways.

I am just here to enjoy the game and take pictures, and will continue to do so, however WE as ADULTS need to lead by example and teach our students how to behave when out in PUBLIC.

Yes, our soccer field was not cut and we heard the players dismay, however the game went on, did it not?

I am very proud of our school and we are making the changes that are needed to better our school and school grounds. Be a part of the solution or hush.

WE lost 6-2 good game to all!

WE lost 6-2 good game to all!


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