Spartan Football 2014

I have to say the changes over the past year or so for the football program has been amazing! Anyone who loves the sport will agree with me.

Last year a new head coach came in named Charlie Ruiz and he was full of fire and worked the boys hard to try and change their mentality  and teach them that they are winners in every way.

He worked a study room out for them so they could get help with their homework and classes they were struggling with (Ms. Twilla  thank you!)

He made sure they were fed if they were hungry and he also makes things happen point in case,

The  Red, White  and Blue Scrimmage last night (8/28/2014) and it was such a joy to see our JV TEAM play against Folsom, Oakmont and Vacaville and this is in part to Coach Ruiz making things happen at the school for his football program.

I think we need to all embrace the changes that are happening here at San Juan High School and thank the coaches who are making the changes , the devotion and dedication that these coaches have shown have gone far beyond what they are paid each year to coach.




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Get Paid to WEAR Tshirts

get paid for wearing tshirts…!
Super easy just go to and enter referral name: Marie and referral code: 0424. It’s that easy. Enter all your info and shirts and invitation cards get sent to you

Let me know when you joined ! This is fun, we wear tshirts all of the time we might as well get paid for it!!!

Please make sure to read all of the rules

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Senior Sunrise 8/15/2014

Thinking about these young men and ladies and watching them grow is making me really proud of who they are becoming and knowing they will do fine once they graduate. I hope they have good memories of school  and I want them to have pictures to remember their years at school while I was there.

Reunions we will have to plan and make sure we all can show up to see how each person’s life is turning out and where their path has taken them.

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Freshman Orientation 8/8/2014

What a wonderful day  this was at SJHS and the incoming freshman that we met were very nice and full of excitement about starting school!

IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2504 IMG_2505Our seniors and juniors were there helping and the sports clubs were out in full force!

Booster and PTSO had a table with a flyer and the NEWSFLASH and also we had ASSETS AND THE ALUMNI here helping out.

Looks like we will have a good year .

IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2495 IMG_2540 IMG_2544


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SBYFL Fundraiser was held on 7/30/2014

Did you get a chance to come over to Buffalo Wild Wings and mingle with a few people who are devoted on getting the SBYFL 7 on 7 noticed and on going for the youth in their area?

I was lucky to be invited and it was fun. I met a lot of nice people and look forward to the next even that SBYFL will be holding.

Here are a few pics.

SBYFLSBYFLSBYFLSBYFLKeeping the Youth in your areas with things to do and structured activities will keep them away from the things not so good for them( most of the time)

With Parent and Community involvement in all programs aimed and the younger generation it helps us all be better people. Don’t be afraid to get involved, you will be amazed at the benefits of helping a child feels like.


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Youth Programs at Crossroads starting August 1st 2014

Greetings Youth Providers,

Please review the following flyers to learn more about our FREE Youth Employment Services available to ALL youth (14-21) in the Citrus Heights/Orangevale/Fair Oaks/Carmichael/ Sac County regions! I would greatly appreciate it if you can pass this information to young adults who can benefit from our services.

(1) August Youth Night Calendar:
Youth are invited to visit Crossroads Training Center every Tuesday from 4PM-5PM, to participate in our job-readiness workshops. Please see the attached calendar for more details.

(2) General Youth Services:
We provide a variety of 
employment services to youth in the region to help them gain soft skills and seek employment.

  • -Job Searching
  • -Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
  • -Job Application Guidance
  • -Interview Preparation
  • -Mock Interviews
  • -Career Counseling
  • -Access to Computers, Fax Machines and Printers
  • -Dress for Success Closet
  • -Benefits counseling for Social Security beneficiaries

  • (3) In-School Youth Program:
    A rigorous year-round program designed for high school seniors who are interested in gaining employability skills, leadership skills, and 
    PAID work experience! We are now recruiting incoming seniors for 2014-2015.


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SBYFL 7 on 7 Fundraiser at BWW in CITRUS HEIGHTS

Scheduled to Appear:
MMA Champion. Anthony fluffy Hernandez
Fred Otis Amey former SF 49ers /sac mountain lions..Vince the BEAST Singletary pro body builder and nutritionist, .Tony the tiger Lopez. 4x former boxing champion and California boxers hall of fame..Janae Leles 4x gold medalist world usa softball 3rd basemen, Kareem air traffic controller Leary former San Juan HS football star. And university of Utah all American defensive back
Greg Yau. Shaolin kung fu grandmaster and founder of the world famous sports training balm” herbal chi balm

7/30/2014 at 630 PM 6301 sunrise blvd citrus heights ca 95610

7/30/2014 at 630 PM 6301 sunrise blvd citrus heights ca 95610

This is a MEET N GREET and fundraiser for SBYFL youth Football 7on7… See you all there!

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Book Mark July 18th 2015

SpdThe 3rd Annual Superparentday will be held on this date, do not miss out on getting to know and meet new people and to see that we are and can be a positive force in our communities. Being a DUAL Role parent is tough at times, however it can be done successfully! #superparentday2015


Come and enjoy your day with us!

11 Am to 3 PM July 18th 2015 Carmichael Parkcropped-Spd1.png

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Wake Island Fundraiser

Get your Wake Island 2 hour passes from us and get them for 25.00!

All proceeds go to the HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM.

Wake Island Watersports Highlight Reel from Dan Billings on Vimeo.


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#superparentday 2014 were you there?

This was a fun event and I am so glad I was asked to attend and am excited about the 3rd annual superparentday on July 18th 2015 #superparentday2015

Please make plans to attend mark it on your google calendar now and also invite your friends who are super parents doing the DUAL role.

If you are a vendor or would like to be a sponsor please contact Kim Stephens and she will get you all of the details. It is best to book early so remember it is never to early to BOOK.

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